Eating Nearby

Our recommendations of great restaurants in the nearby area


Italian Restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy delicious and authentic Italian recipes. All Italian specialties offered by Marcello’s are prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients by expert chefs in the show kitchen! The wide choice of Italian dishes includes pizzas, pastas and risottos which combine perfectly with Italian wine. The large terrace, overlooking Protaras Avenue and the glistening blue sea, is perfect to enjoy an authentic Italian dining experience.

Price Range: Medium
Address: Protara 35, Protaras 5296, Cyprus
Phone: +357 99 237232
Marcello's Website

Raj Indian

The "spicy" Raj Indian Restaurant in Protaras is a great place to go to enjoy Indian cuisine at its finest. Raj Indian Restaurant holds all the qualities needed to enjoy a fine dining experience including authentic Indian flavors and tastes, amazing choice of menu, friendly and personalized service as well as a lovely thematic atmosphere and reasonable prices.

Price Range: Medium
Address: 2383+83G, Protara, Protaras 5296, Cyprus
Phone: +357 99 033080
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Cafe Restaurant & Bar is chic and simple, kitted out in white just a splash of colour. Offering a comprehensive choice of Cafe style food, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, steaks and salads.

Price Rabge: Medium
Address: Leoforos Protara Paralimni, Protaras 5296, Cyprus
Phone: +357 23 832896
Molti Website

The Lemongrass Pan-Asian Restaurant

Discover the flavors of the Far East at The Lemongrass Pan-Asia Restaurant. Our restaurant features a generous terrace where you can enjoy a variety of authentic dishes from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and the Philippines, all expertly prepared by our chefs in an open show kitchen. Experience the essence of Pan-Asian cuisine with us.

Price Range: Medium
Address: Protara 35, Protaras 5296, Cyprus
Phone: +357 96 227778
The Lemongrass Pan-Asian Restaurant Website

Destination Dining Recommendations

Restaurants worth a visit throughout the destination

Mousikos - Sotira Village

A traditional taverna in Sotira village (15 km from Protaras) in an old establishment. The Cypriot stone used to build it, the traditional arcs, the large garden and of course, the fantastic food make Mousikos a must-visit.

One has the option between a mini “meze” (quite standard with a lot of meat and starters), a maxi one (everything that one can imagine including fish and cooked food like “stifado”) or an a-la-carte selection included we surprisingly chose the mini one with some additions (wild asparagus with eggs and an extra salad). It is definitely worth mentioning that almost all the ingredients are from the owner’s farm, hence very fresh.

Price Range: Medium
Address: 6, Sotira, Cyprus
Phone: +357 23 828833
Mousikos Facebook Page

Nikitas Steak House - Ayia Napa

A centrally located restaurant, open for dinner. The menu features international grill dishes, as well as pasta, pizza, meze, fish, and meat. It is said to offer the best-grilled meat dishes in Ayia Napa.

Our staff recommends: Pepper Steak

Price Range: Medium
Nikitas Steak House Facebook Page

Los Bandidos - Ayia Napa

A classic Mexican restaurant in the heart of Ayia Napa, open for dinner. Los Bandidos welcomes all types of groups and is popular among both locals and tourists, thanks to its lively and warm atmosphere and delicious food. Ving's guests receive a 10% discount on their bill.

Our staff recommends: Quesadillas and tacos

Price Range: Medium
Address: 2 Ari Velouchioti, Ayia Napa
Los Bandidos Facebook Page

De Medici - Ayia Napa

This high-quality Italian restaurant leaves nothing to chance. Here, you can indulge in traditional Italian dishes, specialties, and even a selection of meats, fish, and international dishes. You're treated to a delightful culinary experience from appetizers to desserts. The restaurant, open for dinner, offers both indoor and outdoor seating, catering to adult gatherings. Reservations are recommended during peak seasons.

Our staff recommends: Penne Al Medici and Salmone Tagliatelle

Price Range: Medium
Address: Nissi Avenue 29, Ayia Napa
Phone: +357 23 722 378
De Medici Website

Tequila Garden - Ayia Napa

Tequila Garden är en familjevänlig restaurang, centralt belägen i Ayia Napa, öppet för middag. Menyn består av mexikanska rätter och exotiska drinkar i regnbågens alla färger.

Prisnivå: Mellan
Adress: Korsningen Nissi Avenue & Ayias Mavris, Ayia Napa
Telefon: +357 23 723 620
Tequila Garden Website

Stamna Tavern - Ayia Napa

In Ayia Napa's oldest building, you'll find the family-owned Stamna Tavern. Here, you are warmly welcomed by Andreas, Tony, and their family, creating a heartfelt and inviting atmosphere to savor traditional Cypriot cuisine. Indulge in well-prepared dinners, personally crafted by the owner himself, Andreas, while enjoying the cozy, family-oriented ambiance of the restaurant. The restaurant is situated on a hill, adding to its unique charm.

Our staff recommends: Cypriot Meze

Price Range: Medium
Address: Dimokratias 2, Ayia Napa
Phone: +357 23 721 386
Stamna Taverna Website

Hokkaido Restaurant - Ayia Napa

Hokkaido is more than just a restaurant. Here, you'll experience a delicate taste of Japanese cuisine and a gastronomic performance with skilled chefs entertaining guests while preparing food on teppanyaki grills. This evening-only restaurant is suitable for all ages and is a must-visit during your stay in Ayia Napa. Enjoy fresh sushi, refreshing noodle dishes, seafood delights, and flavorful meats. It's advisable to make reservations well in advance.

Our staff recommends: Sushi

Price Range: Medium
Address: Ayias Mavris 35, Ayia Napa
Phone: +357 23 721 505
Hokkaido Restaurant Website

Odin - Ayia Napa

Family Restaurant Odin is nestled in the heart of Ayia Napa, offering both lunch and dinner in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The menu features a diverse selection of Cypriot, international, and Scandinavian dishes. Owners Berta and Sotiris have been dedicated to their restaurant since 1993, ensuring each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail. At Odin, you can savor flavorful dishes, including gluten-free and lactose-free options, prepared with expertise by Berta and Sotiris.

Price Range: Medium
Address: Alexander Papadiamntis Street 3, Ayia Napa
Phone: +357 23 723 203
Odin Facebook Page

Isaac Tavern - Ayia Napa

Nice restaurant by the sea, open for lunch and dinner. On the menu, you´ll find both fish and meat, as well as traditional Cypriot dishes. Dont miss the fresh fish, or the fish meze! Isaac Taverna is very popular among the locals and is pleasantly situated close to the harbour in Ayia Napa.

Our staff recommends: Fish Meze

Price Range: Medium
Address: 77-79 Makariou street, Limanaki, Ayia Napa 5330
Telephone: +357 23 723 586
Isaac Tavern Facebook Page

Gardens Restaurant - Ayia Napa

Gardens Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant offering a wide variety of local and international dishes. Here, you can enjoy meals for both lunch and dinner. Plus, there's a playground for the little ones to burn off some energy after their meal.

Our staff recommends: Halloumi and Greek Salad

Price Range: Medium
Address: Nissi Ave 86, Ayia Napa
Phone: +357 23 722 225
Gardens Restaurant Website