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Respect Our Planet

Each of us can make a difference to our planet, so where better to start than during your relaxing getaway while you're in the destination? Check out a few simple tips from us:

✓ What makes sea water so clear? Answer: countless organisms in the waters, such as coral and fish. Avoid touching them when you're snorkeling or diving, as this helps the environment to stay colourful and diverse.

✓ Make sure you dispose of your rubbish properly in the containers. This helps to reduce the amounts of non-biodegradable plastic waste in our oceans. Thanks for protecting the flora and fauna living there!

When buying products in the destination, look for and choose those which are:

made from recycled products/materials or are recyclable.

sustainably produced/sourced.

meet standard of Fair Trade, organic materials, energy efficiency and/water saving. They are often marked with relevant labels.

You can also help contribute the local community and protect the natural & cultural heritages by:

Support the environmental, social and community work by making a donation or joining in a local activity.

Visit with respect the local historical, archaeological, culturally and spiritually important sites. Also be respectful of the local customs and traditions

Cyprus is an island with 10,000 of history and culture. Its historical, spiritual and natural sites are its most important treasure. During your stay at our island please enjoy them responsibly.

Here are some guidelines when visiting these places:

  1. Do not cut flowers or damage trees.
  2. Please do not take part in activities or visit places which harm animals. Do not harm animals’ surrounding habitats.
  3. Stay on designated trails in order to protect fragile cultural sites, plants, and animals.
  4. Do not light fires for any purpose. Barbeque is permitted at organized picnic places all over Cyprus and only in designated area. Please remember that Cyprus is very dry and hot during the summer period and a fire is very easy to break out.
  5. Do not collect or remove any archaeological relic or artifact. Do not step or anyhow damage them.
  6. If a site is fenced, view it from outside; if there are signs asking you to Keep Out, please understand it is to protect the site.
  7. Buying, selling, exporting or handling antiquities without a permit from the Government of Cyprus is illegal and severely punished by law.
  8. Respect the sanctity of spiritual places like churches, monasteries and mosques. Be quiet and keep the visiting hours.
  9. When visiting a monastery be properly dressed. To enter you will need to dress conservatively. In some monasteries shawls and cover-up clothing are provided for scantily-clad visitors.
  10. Pay attention to your surroundings and what you are doing. Watch for safety hazards such as rough and uneven trails, drop-offs along the trails, loose rocks, etc.