About Your Hotel

  • Mandatory for everybody to wear a mask in all indoor private and public places. Outdoors in the population centers, public transportation and taxis. Exceptions/no masks needed in restaurants and bars (when food and/or beverages are being consumed).


Sunprime Protaras Beach Hotel is committed to a high quality of products and services and therefore operates a quality management system. We aim to deliver quality, comfort and those little extras for the discerning traveler that enjoys the good things in life.

Our quality management system plans, performs, monitors, measures and improves the effectiveness and performance of our operations. It always ensures the following key factors:

• Offering a feeling of “being home” • Treating each guest as individuals • Caring for the guest • Caring for the environment • Providing professional cleaning routines • Employing motivated and professional staff • Ensuring guest satisfaction • Working according the operational standards

In addition, Sunprime Protaras Beach Hotel implements its legal obligations including hotel’s operations, labour, environment, food and health safety.

We are fully committed to high quality and both the management and employees will do their best to support this policy.


Sunprime Protaras Beach Hotel is committed in reducing the environmental impact of its operations by using the principles of sustainability, implementing relevant legislation and promoting an environmental culture.

We firmly believe that environmental protection concerns everybody and has a benefit to our employees, guests, the local community, our country and the planet. The hotel sets environmental targets and actions for reducing its environmental impact, training its employees, supporting the local community and involving its guests.

We give emphasis at: Reducing Reusing Recycling

We reduce our waste by • Planning food production purchases; • Using bulk quantities and large packaging wherever possible; • Implementing a solid waste recycling program.

We reduce our energy consumption and improve our efficiency by • Monitoring electricity consumption; • Using only energy efficient lamps and equipment; • Training our employees to save energy.

We reduce our water consumption and improve our efficiency by
• Reducing unnecessary washing of towels and bed linen; • Training our employees to save water; • Monitoring water consumption and water leakages.

We control hazardous substances by safe handling, storage, waste control, awareness and monitoring of used quantities.


Sunprime Protaras Beach Hotel is committed in respecting, developing and providing opportunities to its employees. In addition, their welfare, health and safety are of great importance.

The hotel treats fairly and with respect everybody irrespective of their sexuality, gender, age, ethnicity, religion or disability.

Sunprime Protaras Beach Hotel provides training development to all employees, a performance evaluation system and equal opportunities for advancement.

We act within the National labour legislation and the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and we respect collective agreement, employment contracts, minimum salaries, work shifts and the working environment.


Sunprime Protaras Beach Hotel, as part of its social corporate responsibility, is liable to support the local community, its organizations and its people for protecting the environment, promoting local culture, supporting local events, providing support and assisting people in need.

Our community policy sets the following objectives: • Operate legally and ethically; • fulfil our obligations to the local communities and authorities; • have frequent communication with interested parties such as the local authorities, tourism boards, communities, unions and non-governmental organisations; • Respect and consult with local community on issues that may affect their safety, health and wellbeing; • Protect local people and specially children against any discrimination; • Actively support local organisations, their scope, participate at activities they organise and provide any possible assistance; • Make in kind donations; • Buy local products and services.


Sunprime Protaras Beach Hotel respects international human rights principles aimed at promoting and protecting human rights as defined by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This acknowledgment remains aligned with our employee, community, environmental and health & safety policies. In all cases we will engage and communicate with involved stakeholders in order to promote and improve human rights principles.

We treat everybody without discrimination, with dignity, fairness and respect. We ensure that data protection and privacy for all individuals is in effect.

The management protects children from all forms of abuse including illegal employment, child labor, forced or compulsory labor and sexual exploitation. It has set procedures when a child’s welfare may be at risk and such actions will be reported to the police authorities. Furthermore, the welfare authorities will be informed for all suspicious activities regarding children whether by employees, guests or other people.

The hotel works to reduce the possibility of child exploitation and abuse and trains its employees on their obligations. It will not knowingly employee or engage directly or indirectly with anyone who poses an unacceptable risk to children.


The minimization of health and safety hazards is of prime concern to the management of Sunprime Protaras Beach Hotel.

To achieve the above, we have set the following priorities: • To protect the life and health of employees, clients, suppliers, contractors and other third parties who are affected by our operations; • To protect the environment; • To avoid damages at facilities and equipment; • To minimize incidents which affect health and the environment; • To develop a health and safety sensitive culture.

We are using the following tools: 1. A written risk assessment study for all hotel’s operations; 2. A health and safety management system; 3. An authorized and competent management employee for supervising health and safety; 4. A Health and safety committee; 5. An updated health and safety file; 6. Experienced personnel; 7. Health and safety training; 8. Efficient communication; 9. Safe hotel premises; 10. Reliable equipment, tools and personal protective equipment; 11. Qualified First Aiders and equipped first aid kits; 12. Fire safety equipment; 13. Collaboration with competent suppliers and contractors.

Additionally, we commit to implement all health and safety legislation and strive to improve our health and safety performance. Occupational health and safety concern all employees and therefore this policy should be followed by everybody.