terapeut giving face massage to client

Treatments & Massage

Your holiday can become even lovelier at our Spa. Why not give yourself some pampered relaxation. Our staff are educated skin therapists. Welcome!

To book a treatment, contact the Spa-reception.


09:00 - 18:00

Massage & Body Treatments

Sunprime Ritual
Our most popular treatment! Relaxing full body massage and Express Face. The treatment includes relaxing full body massage, facial cleansing, exfoliating, face massage and finally a caring creme. 75 min.

Body Scrub Ritual
A gentle, refreshing scrub that removes impurities and dead skin cells. Choose body scrub only or combine with body massage.

  • Full body scrub 25 min.
  • Full body scrub & neck massage 50 min.

Aroma Relax Massage
A wonderful massage with Decléor body balm.

  • Full body: 50 min.
  • Full body including face & scalp: 75 min.

Classic Massage - Back, Neck & Shoulder
Say goodbye to stress and tense muscles with this relaxing classic massage with special focus on the back, neck and shoulders.

  • Back, neck and shoulders only: 25 min.
  • Full body: 50 min.

Hot Stone Massage
Body and facial massage with warm lava stones helps ease tight muscles, relieve stress and alleviate tension.

  • 50 / 90 min.

Face & Scalp Massage
Need a quick pick-me-up? Try this wonderfully relaxing massage focusing on the face and scalp. 

  • 25 min.

Foot & Leg Massage
Do your feet and legs feel heavy and tired? This classic massage helps to release tension and improve circulation.

  • 25 / 50 min.

Hot Oil Massage
Relaxing massage with warm organic oil.

  • Back, neck & shoulder: 25 min.
  • Full body: 50 min.
  • Full body, face & scalp: 75 / 90 min.

Papaya Sun Treatment - Body & face
This is the perfect body & face pealing for all skin types, soft enzyme papaya pealing for body followed with a body wrap and face mask.

  • Full body & face 50 min.
  • Full body & face incl. face massage and mask 90 min.

Mother-To-Be (Only organic products are used in this treatment!)
Treatment for pregnant women. Nourishing and relaxing body & facial treatment. Designed to meet your individual needs at each stage of your pregnancy.

  • 50 / 75 min

Hand Treatments

Manicure – Classic
Nail trim, nourishing hand and nail serum, a soothing hand massage followed by an application of nail varnish of your choice. 50 min.

Quick fix nails & hands hands
Nail Polish hand. 15 minutes.

Paraffin bath 15 minutes.

Face Treatments

Face & Scalp Massage
Wonderful relaxing massage. 25 min.

Spa Together

Happiness is best when shared. Try one of our Treatments and Spa Together wellness offerings with a friend or loved one.

Express Face

  • 25 min.

Face & Scalp Massage

  • 25 min.

Classic Massage

  • 25 / 50 min.

Foot & Leg Massage

  • 25 / 50 min.

Hot Stone Massage

  • 50 / 90 min.

Sunprime Ritual

  • 75 min.

Sense Of Vacation

  • 75 min.

Aroma Relax Massage (full body)

  • 50 / 75 min.

Hot Oil Massage

  • 25 / 50 / 75 / 90 min.

Spa Shop

Why not recreate the invigorating wellness experience from your holiday at home? Treat yourself to some of the best Maria Åkerberg skin care and body care products available for purchase at our hotel.

The organic alternative - Maria Åkerberg is a skin care brand, made in Sweden with organic ingredients from around the globe.

We’ve selected a few favourites from the Maria Åkerberg range, including Body Scrub, Hand Lotion, Foot Lotion/Balm, Body Lotion, Face Scrub, and Body Massage Oil. Several of these products are even featured in our treatments, giving you the perfect opportunity to test them and let yourself be convinced.


Decléor is a top French spa-brand, which we use in many of our spa treatments; gloriously pleasing products with natural scents from aromatic herbal essences.

Decleor offers a wide range of products to suit any skin type, face as well as body. Treat yourself to a facial treatment by our professional skin therapists. They will customize each treatment according to your needs, with products to match your skin type.

Maria Åkerberg

Our ecological alternative
Maria Åkerberg Products is a Swedish ecological skin care brand, made in Sweden with ingredients from all over the world.

We have picked a few favourites from the Maria Åkerberg range: Body scrub, Hand lotion, Foot lotion/balm, Body lotion, face scrub, Body massage oil, etc. Several of these, we use in our treatments, which gives you the opportunity to test them and let yourself be convinced.